Angie Solanet, the owner of Estancia Don Joaquin is passionate about birding and enjoys sharing her passion with all guests. You don’t have to be an expert bird watcher to spot the extensive variety of argentinian birds at the Estancia. In the estancia library there are many argentine birds books and bird watching checklist; you just need to open your curtains to spot some famous native argentine birds in the estancia gardens.

Angeles is always ready to share her knowledge of the local birdlife from her years of living in the country and her work with Ornithologists and Bird watchers who visit Estancia Don Joaquin. There are a Wide variety of native Argentine bird species in the estancia and Angeles is always updating the bird checklists when spotting new species.

Bird watching at the estancia can be carried out on horseback, by 4×4,motorboat,or/and canoe.

The program includes

Corrientes Birdwatching programme (3 days)

Day 1: Welcome to Estancia Don Joaquin. Breakfast. Motorboat trip on the Corriente river with a local bilingual guide. Lunch at the estancia. Siesta. Horse riding at the Estancia. Wine and cheese tasting. Dinner.

Day 2: Early Breakfast. Departure to the Shrublands of Estancia Don Joaquin where you will be able to observe another huge variety of Argentine birdlife. Lunch at the estancia. Siesta. Nature Photographic Safari to encounter more birdlife species. * Relaxing massage. Dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast. Horse riding in the Wetlands or Canoeing. Afternoon Tea. Dinner. Transfer.

* Relaxing massage optional extra,ask for rate