This luxury horse riding trek in Argentina ends each day in a different estancia. The fantastic and variety of landscapes has made “Horse riding trail Argentina” a unique experience and the perfect riding vacation for horse lovers.

The horse back riding trail is one of the best ways of experiencing the beauty and the culture of Argentina’s pampas on the back of a horse. We have 70 responsive Criollo and Mestizos horses for your riding selection. Discover Argentina by horse. Join us!

Itinerary “Horse riding trail Argentina” 2016/2018 (7 days /6 nights )

Day 1: Welcome and transfer from the bus station to Estancia Don Joaquin.Breakfast.Horse selection.The Gaucho horse ride. Asado. Siesta.
Swimming pool or refreshing in the river. Tea in the porch.  Dinner*optional body massage.

Day 2: After breakfast. We will departure early in the morning to Colonial estancia.Crossing marshlands and scrublands and vast open places. We will make a stop for lunch in an authentic gaucho house.After a nice siesta under the trees shadows we will horse ride outing going through inhospitable roads, where you will be able to see horses and sheep flocks. Immense lagoons with reservoirs will welcome you and you will be able to see the native fauna, made up by otters, tortoises, capybaras (big local rodents), yacarés (local alligators), herons, flamingoes, storks, and dozens of birds variety until we arrive to Estancia Colonial. Tea and Dinner at the estancia Colonial.Night at Colonial estancia

Day 3: Breakfast. We will continue our trail northeast to Estancia La Teresita experience the vast pampas  Lunch at a real gaucho general store.Tea and dinner at estancia La Teresita.Night at Estancia La Teresita

Day 4: Breakfast. Horses and and gauchos will be ready for a ride to the scrubland, on the way to the Corrientes River.  Asado on  pole under the shade of a willow by the river with endless sandy beaches.  Return to the estate by horse.  Tea in La Teresita. Visit a gaucho general store .  Tea and cheese tray with wine tasting. Dinner and night at La teresita.

Day 5: Breakfast.  Lunch.  Departure by 4×4  from Estancia La teresita to Estancia Don Joaquin. Lunch at  Estancia Don Joaquin. Cattle driving and gaucho activities .Gourmet tea.Dinner.Night at Estancia Don Joaquin.

Day 6: Breakfast. We will spend this morning doing daily gaucho activities by horse including cattle moving ,calves roping and vaccination, dehorning ,branding or bathing cattle by horse. We will choose the activity according to the daily gaucho schedule and you will also learn lazooing skills. Lunch at the estancia. Siesta . Swimming pool . Gourmet  tea and delicacies with wine tasting.  Asado by the bonfire We are ready at night to do the nocturnal horse ride. The nights when the moonlight allows,we are riding across the fields and enjoy the sounds of the night dwellers along with the Correntinean wide skies..*optional body massage.Night at Don Joaquin River lodge.

Day 7: Breakfast.We departure from Don Joaquin River lodge to the The lagoons horse ride. Lunch at Estancia Don Joaquin .
Siesta . Swimming  pool.Swim with the horses.Te at the baranda. Farewell dinner. Transfer to the bus station.

The Itinerary is flexible.Changes may occur because of climate or unforeseen circumstances.
*Con cargo adicional

-Accommodations: In authentic and traditional cattle working estancias.
-Min 2 Riders
-Max 8 Riders
-Amount of horses at the estancia: 70 horses
-Horses: Horses are predominantly Criollos and Mestizos .Very responsive horses and well trained.
-Saddles: Recado or montura correntina (very comfortable  and beautiful leather and sheep skin sadlles  )
-Riding level. :Intermediate to Advance riding ability is required.Riders should be comfortable at all paces.
-2 Horses per rider during the 4 days trail and then in Estancia Don Joaquin you can also change horses. 1 guide each 2 riders.
-Around 6 or 8  hours per day.Covering from 25 to 45 km per day
-Children are accepted over 12 years old but the parents must ride.

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